Programmer in Black

Welcome to the site. It contains original stories, random drivel, plus possibly experimental HTML 5 page or occasional CSS3 experiment.

Quote of the week: “Description begins in the writer’s imagination, but should finish in the reader’s.” ― Stephen King


All stories published on this site are original. Some have first appeared on my blog.

Disqus comments have been added to the stories. Because it would be interesting to see if anyone feels moved to comment on a story.

I currently have several novels in various stages of editing. I may eventually publish snippets of those novels here. I will certainly advertise any of them that are published but none of them have reached that exalted state at this time.

Just for fun

Silly things I've written over the years. By far, the best has been the Grovel Builder which has been translated to php for use on this site.

New - The Shakespearian Insult Generator. For all your classic insult needs.

Reading room

The reading room contains links to other authors in my local area and to a few online resources that I'm fond of.


This section is reserved as a play area for HTML5/CSS3 content. It's currently holding a carousel of doodle monsters.


This is about the author, about the site and general contact information.
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