Very false colour digital infrared photography 1

You now know how to make black and white and standard false-colour infrared images using your digital still camera. Now's the time to really experiment. Sure, film manufacturers have only made B&W IR film, or colour IR film with IR represented by red, red by green, and green by blue. You now have more control than that. The this page and the next show what happens if you combine the IR and non-IR images in other ways...

red false colour thumbnailFor instance, you might just swap the IR+red channel from the IR image for the red channel of the standard image, giving a false-colour image with sensitivity extended into the IR, but perhaps a small dropout in the short-wavelength red region. Most colours will look perfectly normal, but IR-reflecting objects will be red.


green  false colour thumbnailOr you might substitute the IR red channel from the IR image for the green channel in the standard colour image. After all, in landscape photos, anyway, most of the objects that reflect lots of IR are normally green in colour. I rather like this one.


blue false colour tuhmbnailOr, perhaps, you might try substituting the IR red channel for the blue channel of the standard image. Not very natural, but a potentially interesting effect.



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