Ross photoRoss Alford's photographic homepage

This page and the pages linked to it are about one of my hobbies, photography. It is always under construction.

I also have pages about my profession, biology, and a general personal homepage.

At the moment, on these pages there are:

Colour photographs
of animals and landscapes and things

Black and white "artistic" (liberally defined) photos, most taken using classic cameras

Experiments with digital infrared photography

How to make 3D (stereo) B&W photos using your digital camera and a photo editor

A small Photoshop CS action that imitates some of the appearance of Fuji VelviaŽ

Photos of classic cameras, in B&W and 3D B&W

A gallery of images of animals (mostly frogs) taken in Panama in January 2004

A temporary new gallery of landscape images

Online gallery at Pbase

Or, you can send me email


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