A Photoshop CS action that imitates Fuji VelviaŽ film

The action is in a zip file, download it by right-clicking (Windows, some other technique with Mac) here, unzip it, put the .atn file into your plugins directory, and activate it. On my Windows XP computer, the correct directory is:

Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CS\Presets\Photoshop Actions -- this may work on your computer but who knows--something will.

Load a photo that you think might benefit from a more VelviaŽ-like appearance, and execute the action.

It will pause twice during execution:

the first time, you can set the opacity of the layer that produces the effect--more opaque intensifies colors more, less opaque is more subtle

the second pause is in a curve setting window; I find that a slight S-curve improves the effect; you can fiddle with the curve or reset it as you wish

A fairly subtle example of what this can do:

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