Colour photos of animals, landscapes, and other things

by Ross Alford

Litoria_majikthise thumbnailA New Guinea treefrog, Litoria majikthise, discovered and described by my Ph.D. student Steve Richards


P hypochondrialis thumbnailA South American treefrog, Phyllomedusa hypochondrialis



A newly metamorphosed Australian water-holding frog, Cyclorana novaehollandiae


Litoria gracilentaAn Australian dainty green treefrog, Litoria gracilenta


Carlia jarnoldae thumbnailA small Australian skink, Carlia jarnoldae. this one is a male in breeding colours



A rather abstract pattern made by our two dogs out for a walk on the beach


bay panorama thumbnailCleveland Bay, at the end of the street from my house, early morning


beach panorama thumbnailA panorama of Cleveland Bay and Magnetic Island, early morning


PNG streamA rainforest stream in the highlands of western Papua New Guinea


ripple montage A very abstract shot of ripples in sand, heavily manipulated in Photoshop. For some reason I really like this image at the moment.


IR coast photo

Cleveland Bay, looking towards Hervey Range, from Kissing Point, Townsville. A false-colour infrared shot, taken using a digital camera as outlined on my infrared pages


hill and rock IR

Another digital false-colour infrared shot, this one of a salt pan and small hill near Shelly Beach, just north of Townsville.


rock IR shot

A monolithic rock in the Townsville Town Common Park, photogtaphed with a digital camera through an IR filter, with the levels of the red, green, and blue layers stretched to equalise them using Photoshop.


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