Boring details ahead

This page includes parts of the flotsam of my life. Don't blame me, you were warned.

We acquired a primary dog on 29 Aug. 1998 and a backup dog in Sept 1999. I have a page of pictures, not updated often enough.


Full name: Lynn [Marie] Josephson Alford (varies upon continent)
DOB: 14 Nov. 1960
Citizenship: Dual Australian/US citizen.

The sad truth of the matter is, I've spent long enough in two places to develop a unique accent (if one could patent an accent, I think mine would qualify). Add in that I tend to pick up key phrases in the way that I first heard them. From this you get a nice muddle of generalised accent of Maryland/Florida/North Carolina/North Queensland with likely influences from too much time spent watching British TV (Monty Python anyone?). Other influences include anyone I've spent much time listening to.

Computer comments

All computers are male. You have to boot them just to get them to do anything. When it comes right down to it, you have to boot them to get their attention in the first place.

I trust my computer implicitly. I trust it to crash when least expected or desired. I trust it to periodically leave files in an un-usable state. In fact, I use Macintosh (at work) and a PC (at home) and would say that neither of them can be trusted to work 100% of the time.

Favourite things





In no particular order, some of which we own and some of which we don't. For some reason, my videos at home tend to collect a high child approval rating. Don't know why Henson/Disney tend to do that. I don't own Labyrinth or StoryTeller though, much to my regret. We also have a fairly complete collection of Kate Bush videos with a very few other music videos.


Twin Peaks, Quantum Leap, Northern Exposure, X-Files, Rumpole of the Bailey, various old British comedies.


Peter Gabriel
Recommended titles: Security, So
Kate Bush
Recommended titles: Never for Ever, Hounds of Love
Harry Chapin
Recommended title: Verities and Balderdash
Frank Zappa
Recommended titles: Broadway the Hard Way, Jazz from Hell
Recommended title: Glory of Gershwin
The Cruel Sea
Recommended title: This is not the Way Home Additional comment, the lead singer Tex Perkins VTDF
Happy Rhodes
Recommended title: Warpaint
John Williamson (Australian folk singer/songwriter)



I'll read *anything* with printed words on it. I tend to read lots of fantasy (signs of never having grown out of fairy tales, I fear), and science fiction. I'll periodically read mysteries, adventure stories, swashbucklers, history, humour. The best reading project of all, I have read the 10 volume set of Sir Richard Burton's translation of the Arabian Nights. Now *that* is an experience.


Steve Brust, Emma Bull, Pamela Dean, early Leslie Charteris, Dumas, Sabatini, Dorothy Sayers, P.G.Wodehouse, Tolkien, (many others) We have 6 bookcases downstairs, overflowing with books. We read a lot and keep many, many books.

Irritating things

The Information Superhighway

This is, of course, a 100% accurate picture. If you can find a superhighway where: Then again, perhaps superhighway is not quite the term I would use.

Yes, I have a picture (click for larger version). Programmer in Black Beware of Programmer in Black.

If you need a Programmer in Black to work for you, first cautiously approach with chocolate. Wait for chocolate to hit bloodstream then you may request some piece of programming to be done. Dark chocolate will have the best effect.

Moments of fame

Published review in a book (long since out-of-print). Also acknowledged in a few published papers and at least one book on carbon dioxide research.

I found that I achieved some degree of notoriety in LTUAE a conference area that remembers my presence some 5 years after the fact. Possibly helped by the fact that I was one of the more active players at a time when women rarely appeared on computer networks.

Alta Vista and HotBot tell me that my name is in the The Good Reading Guide (to Science Fiction and Fantasy) and at least two locations of web-based recipe pages.

The only Windows game I have written is available ftp and there is a very positive review of it. Interesting to read the review, I have only had feedback from the game once since it was made publicly available. Written as an exercise in how to program Windows 3.1.

I was once involved in writing some pieces of this story published in a number of newsgroups including alt.callahans.

Homepages of people I know or would love to know

If you have made it to this part of this document and actually read it, I'd like to congratulate you. Even the author hasn't read the entire document since it was a much shorter piece. A rare feat, and one that leaves open the question, couldn't you find something better to do? Perhaps you need to follow this pointless link as well.

The universal Disclaimer

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