The drivel award

Drivel Site of the week/month/whatever

Prepare to be liked.

There is a Drivel Award page with more details and previous winners. The unofficial drivel song is What do you do with a dead computer.

Drivel Opportunities

If you've read things such as the page of useless details, the care and feeding of web pages, don't feed the engineers and some of the other random stuff around here, you know what my writing is like. To get more drivel, Join this yahoo group
join the drivel group.
This is a list of volunteers who let me write weird things to them from time to time when the mood strikes.

This page can be somewhat dangerous to your mental health. Drivel has infected one of our regular members to the point where he has developed his own drivel page. Then again, did you really think you could read much drivel without being affected by it?

From the satisfied users of the drivel list

"When I just don't find enough drivel in my life, I turn to the Drivel Mailing List for a sure fix, and have never been disapointed! You never know when life will get to be too sensible, so subscribe now to Lynn's Drivel List, and never be normal again!"

And even more...

Are you bored with ordinary tired and limp SPAM in your mailbox?

Are you fed up with the same jokes appearing over and over from humour email lists?

Why not try something different?

Subscribe to Lynn's drivel list and get some high quality drivel in your mailbox.

I couldn't recommend Lynn's drivel more highly, and it's got the same worth as any politicians promise without affecting your hip pocket nerve.

On the digestability of drivel

Never gives me heartburn. Goes down like a banana smoothie!

Plus one comment from a non-drivel subscriber on the quality of drivel from this email address.

Actually, semi-random is my favorite form of drivel.

Drivel is mainly silly, though there are all forms of drivel in the world. Drivel is a place where you can complain about those petty little things that bother you in life so you can concentrate on the important things. And drivel gives your in-box something to do other than gather unsolicited and undesired commercial email.

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