About this site

The first game reviews on this site were originally written in 1996. Minor updates to content may occur, but most reviews are exactly as first published on the web. All reviews published are still available. Why do I leave reviews online?

  1. Some games remain available for purchase for quite a long time.

  2. Publishers may make older games available again in other packages. Lucasarts does this quite frequently.

  3. You may find the game via Ebay or other auction sites.

Most of the reviews have a date on them.

What this site will not do

I cannot provide technical support for any games reviewed. I'm sorry but I don't have the facilities or knowledge to help with troubleshooting. Always check for patches for any game before you begin playing.

I do not sell or copy games. I do not know why people keep asking me for copies. It would be expensive for me to do so, and I firmly believe that you cannot expect companies to keep creating games if no one is buying them.

Last update 29 December 2001

For game reviews, either read the full list of games reviewed on this site or the main game page which includes brief descriptions of all the games reviewed.

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