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Personal Stuff

Lynn Alford is a net-mad maniac and computer sourceress who should not be trusted within 5 kilometres of a modem. Over-educated with one B.Sc. in Wildlife Ecology (University of Florida) and one B.Sc with Honours in Computer Science (James Cook University), this woman can be trusted to say weird things about computers and animals. More details (and a picture) are available if you really care. She is currently employed as a multimedia developer and webmaster in Teaching and Learning Development at James Cook University. She is also the Games Editor for WindoWatch.

A page for pictures of our two dogs.

Work experience

Multimedia projects I'd like to be involved in. I think it would be quite a lot of fun to work on a project like Peter Gabriel's Xplora.

Reviewing experience

My first published review was in the 1st Whole Earth Software catalogue on Eamon adventure games for the Apple ][ +. There was rather a long hiatus before I started self-publishing the reviews available on this site. I've been playing Infocom games and Wizardry games and their heirs since I first started to learn to like computers. The games and reviews strictly reflect my personal taste. What you like may well be different.

Since starting to work in multimedia, I've also been collecting software. Not only is computer game playing a hobby of mine, but you'll find I write game reviews. A list of all games reviewed is available. All of the software is mine. I have nothing to do with any of the software companies that produced any of these packages (well, one or two people may mention that they have received a certain amount of email from me). I just enjoy seeing what can be done with computers. Since I did pay for most of the software, I have very little sympathy with email requests to send a copy of a game.


The universal Disclaimer
This page has been in continuous evolution since sometime in late 1994.

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