Beyond Time

From Dreamcatcher

Brief Description of Beyond Time

Beyond Time, beyond space, solve the mysteries of the ages.

Beyond Time is, at best, an average graphic adventure game. The puzzles are standard, the music and graphics are ok but not wonderful and the story behind the game is minimal.

Game play and hints

The major hint for anyone who wants to complete this game is to make sure that you have looked at everything from all angles. Sometimes the clues are hidden behind or on the side of an item, only careful scrutiny will reveal them.

Write down numbers that you read, and carefully read the scrolls you are allowed to open. These almost always give clues to another part of the game.

There are a few maps included in the clue booklet in the game. Use them, you'll be glad that you did.

Gripes about Beyond Time

The mandala puzzle is a major gripe in and of itself. The major clue toward the solution is near the puzzle, but the puzzle could take many tedious hours.

Some of the puzzle have graphic clues or elements in them. This is fine, I have nothing against that. But the graphic clues are sometimes quite complex drawings, which you must record yourself well enough that you can solve the puzzle later. Automatically recording these for later should have been incorporated into the game.


Some games interest and enthrall you from the start. Some games build suspense as the story unfolds. This game...exists. Everything about this game is standard, not horrible, just not enthralling either.

Some final thoughts on the game.

I've played several time travel games now. My favourites would be Journeyman 2 and Journeyman 3, though Timelapse is pretty good as well. Any of these would be a better investment then Beyond Time.

I think I'm going to start avoiding games that find the lost city of Atlantis on principle. I've helped 'discover' that city four times or more.