Daria's Inferno

Brief Description

Based on the MTV animated series, Daria's Inferno is about a high school student's trip to hell. The game begins with an English class about Dante's Inferno and Daria falls asleep during the class. Thus she is stuck in a nightmare and the only way to wake up is to solve the game.

The game features the voices from the animated series and the two dimensional animation style is much the same. As Daria, you must find items that have been stolen from Principal Li and return them to her. Daria will have a total of five major locations to solve to finish the game.

Game play and hints

The game is a basic point-and-click type, with the option of using either mouse or keyboard to move Daria to her next destination. Most rooms will have one or more hazards to avoid. Some of these hazards, you'll be able to completely remove. Others will only pause for a few seconds before they begin again. During those moments, Daria can safely walk around or through them.

Two unique items for this game. Sick sad world icon is worth clicking to give you a hint on solving the current level. Daria's Irritation level is a meter that shows you how bothered Daria is. When the circle is complete, you'll have to restart the current level. There is no way I could find in the game to lessen Daria's Irritation, and the restart is harmless because you won't lose any items. It can be frustrating though, you frequently need to get past some of the irritations to find the way to turn them off or make them harmless.

I did once have to use the Option that allows you to choose a level, because I realised that I had failed to pick up an item at an earlier location. Once the item was retrieved, it was easy to go back to the current level.

Gripes about the game

Dialogue within each of the game segments is very repetious.


A cute game, which is suitable for serious fans of Daria. It does a good job of capturing the feel of the show, and the dream could easily have been made into a normal Daria episode. However it is very very easy, and so you don't want to depend on getting days of entertainment from it. It can be finished within a few hours by an experienced adventure game player, but may prove useful for introducing young players to the genre.

Some final thoughts on the game.

This is an older game, you can pick it up cheaply as a jewel case CDRom.