Drowned God

From Inscape

Brief Description

You enter the bequest globe, with no memory of who you are or what your purpose is. The bequest globe asks for your name, which it then translate via numerology. It will inform you of your past lives and set you on the path for this one.

Drowned God is quite a pretty game, one that has some serious flaws. The box promises to solve the mysteries of the ages, and really looks appealing to the X-File fan or someone interested in conspiracy theories. It does have a few interesting puzzle ideas. This is overwhelmed by the frustrating way the puzzles are set up or other limits.

Game play and hints

If you really feel you must play the game, then save often under different names. Be prepared to spend a lot of time finding the rules of a puzzle when you only have 3-5 moves in which to solve it. The interface for the game is straightforward, just watch for when/where you can put inventory items on the screen.

Gripes about the game

Far, far too many of the puzzles have an arbitrary limit to the number of moves you can make before the puzzle resets. At least once, you are playing against an opponent with no indication that there is an opponent. Add in that for many the puzzles, you are given little or no indication of either the rules or what needs to be achieved and you have a recipe for extreme frustration on the part of the gamer.

Also the puzzles are puzzles. There is never any sense that there is a reason behind solving most of them. You just must solve this to procede.

The music is good, but many of the loops are too short. You really want to leave the room for no better reason then to get away from that music clip. For sound effects, short clips are fine. For music, if you are going to put it in, make it longer.

There is at least one place where you can get stuck by entering an area without the items you need and no indication that entering may be a bad idea.

You must always have the first cd in the drive, even when you are restoring a game where the contents are on the second or third CD.


I found the puzzles of the game to be too intrusive and far too frustrating. It is one of the few games I have that I have no intention of finishing. Buy it for people you hate.