Brief game description

Bored and looking for some new puzzles to solve? Perhaps Goobs is the game that you're looking for. This snappy puzzle solving game has cute graphics, nice music and great puzzles.

Goobs are cute happy little creatures who have been isolated on floating platforms. They need your help to get to the exits. If they step into space or into a laser beam, they die. But there are ways to turn off or block the lasers, and the goobs can push around boxes to create floating platforms. Also, they can cooperate to solve a level, standing on switching or pushing boxes around.

The game also comes with a level editor so you can create your own puzzles. So you can make your own challenges, and perhaps share them with the rest of the world. Or at least with your friends and family.

Game play and hints for Goobs

One of my favourite features of this game is that there is no time component to the puzzles. So you can examine each of the levels thoroughly, look for the Goobs, traps and hazards, the exits, the energy balls. Take your time to work out the winning strategy that will pick up all the energy balls and get all the Goobs home.

Watch for unwinnable situations. A box trapped in a corner, a goob who will be left trapped by one way exits, laser beams, etc. Always plan ahead and keep an eye out for situations that are difficult or impossible to go beyond.

Level too tough for you? Go back to the RedClaw site because they have downloadable recorded solutions for every level. A nice idea where you can play the recorded solution and finish off the level once you realise what to do.

Gripes about the game

None, really. This is a well thought out little game, with simple rules and works well.

Conclusions for Goobs

Try the demo version of Goobs today. With the demo version, you'll learn how to play the game, and you'll be able to try creating your own puzzles. Be warned, you can't save or test the puzzles you create until you buy the game. So don't make any truly elaborate ones until you've purchased the game.

A satisfying game for puzzlers young and old. Non-violent action where the player can take as long as necessary to solve the puzzle. With 50 levels in the full version of the game, it should keep anyone busy for a few days at least.