Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures

From LucasArts

Brief Description

When I heard about this game, I thought it should be interesting. Every time you play, the game generates a new world for you to explore. There are a large number of objects that you must find and puzzles to solve. The number is large enough that you'll have to play a number of games to see most of them, and you should never get exactly the same combination twice.

Game play

For each game, the first thing to do is visit Marcus Brody. He's always in the same place and you'll get expert at this very quickly. The town is always the same, so you'll also be expert at finding your home, picking up the whip, finding the medical kit, and knowing where to get healed. Everything outside the town will change with each game.

The help file for Indy explains all of the important points for using the game. This includes how to use the map, how to get Indy to move things around, starting the game and general hints.

Generally, you have to find the map and better weapon first. In a small world, this is usually no problem. Sometimes, when you have the maximum size world, you can explore a lot of squares without finding either. I've found this frustrating enough to just generate a new world, (or murder Indy) and hope the next time the items will be easier to find.

Gripes about the game

You may be able to generate billions of games, or whatever it is they claim on their package, but the conversations around town get dull quickly. The first time you enter your house or talk to the man by the fountain, the herbalist or the bartender, you get the same conversation. Really, I can do without the "Home away from home" reference every time I go into Indy's house.

Sometimes it can take too long to find the map and the better weapon. All it takes is one Jaguar encounter to be killed in this game.

One menu option is Replay world. When I use this, it actually generates a new world with the settings chosen in the option pull down menu. Annoying, if you were hoping to really replay the one world.


For the price, it is a wonderful game. You should grab this game now. Small worlds lead to quick games, the larger world generally takes more like an hour to solve instead of the half hour they mention on the box. There are enough different puzzles and mini-quests to keep things entertaining.

For those who haven't tried it, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is a great game. It is a traditional adventure game, but the humour, the puzzles and the style are excellent.

If you want to find older LucasArts games, go to their site and check out the store. They have released a number of older games in various collections. They are one of the few companies who recognise that some people want to play good games, not just bleeding edge games.