Jack Attack 2

Brief Description

Remember those old fashioned arcade style games from the days of the C64? So do the creators of Jack Attack 2. They have included all the level of the original Jack Attack and added some new features.

The goal of the game is to squash lots of monsters before they can squash you, and to get to certain parts of the screen. The faster you can do it, the better your score will be. To accomplish your goals, you'll need to rearrange the blocks on the screen. Don't let the monsters get you, or step in the water.

The game features several styles of play and many many game levels to solve. You can play the game as a single player, play cooperatively with someone or play competitively. The levels are grouped together as Standard, Nostalgia (from the original game), Just for Kids, Brainteasers and Cooperative. There is a total of 150 levels to solve.

Game play and hints

As with most arcade games, the game play is simple. It's working out how to do what you want to do that is important. To get to the next level, you need to squish all the monsters on this one. You can remove a monster by stepping/jumping on it, by dropping a block on it, or by smashing it between two blocks.

Bonuses in the game are based on how quickly you squish the monsters, if you visited all the platforms available on a level and if you've aligned any special blocks correctly.

Two features of this game really make it stand out as an arcade game. One is that there are a set of special powers you can chose from including making Jack unsquishable, or giving him super jump skills. If you are playing with a younger member of the family, this can help even out the play. Or use special powers to learn the level, then try to defeat it without those powers. The second feature is that you can individually start at any level you like. So you aren't forced to keep playing level 1 in Brainteasers every time you fail to complete level 10. You can just concentrate on level 10 until you know how to solve it.


From time to time, even the most dedicated adventure/role playing gamer will want something smaller and shorter to play. With the set up of Jack Attack, you can have a nice alternative for times when you only have 20 minutes of gaming time. It isn't all just 'twitch' factor, some of the level require thought to solve.

The game does require that you have good timing, and don't mind stomping on monsters. No gore though, they just vanish when stepped on. Suitable for all members of the family.

From Jack Attack 2

Some final thoughts on the game.

At $20 for the downloadable version, this is a very reasonably priced game that should keep you and your family challenged and entertained for months.