King Sol Solitaire

Brief Description of King Sol Solitaire

A huge collection of solitaire card games. This contains virtually every solitaire card game I have ever known (one has a few similar but not quite identical rules) and hundreds more that I didn't know. The solataire games vary from easy to win to extremely difficult to win. Some use one deck of cards, others use two.

Game play and hints

To make selecting card games easier, there are is the single list of all games, and categories of games. Categories include spider, freecell, popular, simple, canfield and children. So if you really enjoy playing freecell, you can easily find closely related games. Once you decide the type of solitaire game to play, the next part is deciding which one. You can view a snapshot of the layout, read the rules or look at the statistics for the game to help you decide.

My favourite features are: the way the games are categorised by type, time and odds; and the fact that it's easy to add specific games to your favourites list. Given the number of games available (the box says 400 but I'm not about to count), it's great to be able to save favourites and make them easier to find. Also, it is always easy to call up the rules, which is necessary with so many games. There is also a multiple undo feature, which makes it possible to try again all the way back to the start of the game.

The game stores player profiles which allows multiple people to use it on the one computer. Just because I put Queensland into my favourites, that doesn't mean my husband would want it in his.

Gripes about King Sol Solitaire

There are a few errors in the help files for the games, and at least one game that had cards layed out incorrectly on my computer. Given the sheer volume of games, this isn't really a problem.

Conclusion for King Sol Solitaire

There are times when a relaxing card game may well appeal more than a game that will take you 10 minutes at least to get back into the mood for the game. With the wide range of games, there should be at least one to suit anyone who enjoys playing cards.

You can download a trial version of the game from the King Sol web site. Some features of the full version are likely not to work with the unregistered download.

Some final thoughts on the game.

I actually bought this as part of Pack5 Puzzle Games. The game collection was worth it just for this. The collection also includes Bejewelled, Mahjongg, Chess and Assimilation. All up, a lot of play for a very low price.