Lemmings Revolution

Brief game description

For those that have ever played Lemmings in any of their earlier challenges will know what to expect and can proceed to the next section. The main differences between this and early games is that you can select which puzzle level to try next and that the Lemmings are stationed on a rotating platform (it revolves, hence Revolution). If you have never played one of these games, keep reading.

Lemmings are cute little characters who need your assistance to escape from captivity. There are a number of things they might be able to learn to help you such as climbing, bashing or digging. And there are a number of obstacles that you must avoid such as acid or very long falls. So you assist the Lemmings on their journey by selecting individual Lemmings and giving them skills. The trick is deciding which skill to give and where best to use it.

Game play and hints for Lemmings Revolution

Each level has a clear time limit and minimum number of lemmings to rescue. Early levels are for teaching you what skills a lemming can have and how they are used. As you progress, the puzzles become more complex. There are usually limits to number of lemmings for each skill, so you must use these skills wisely.

Use the pause key and zooming feature often. Pausing the game lets you leisurely examine the current level, note the skills available, see what hazards exist between your lemmings and the escape balloon. Zooming in is very useful when you need to start a particular task, such as digging, at an exact spot.

Lemmings Revolution isn't as linear as early games. In Revolution, you can select from several different puzzles to start. Previous versions required you do level 8 before 9, 9 before 10, and 59 before 60. This gives you the opportunity of choosing more difficult levels before you've completed all of the early ones.

Gripes about the game

The box suggests that you can customize the difficulty level of the game. I could never find that option.

I always spin the column the opposite direction of what I intend.

Conclusions for Lemmings Revolution

Because of the nature of the game, there is a bit of cartoon violence as some of your lemmings drown, get squashed, fall too far, walk into a trap, etc. Also on the higher levels, exact timing of when or where to start a Lemming performing some exact job is critical. Fortunately, the ability to zoom and pause the game whenever you need it makes this less of an issue than you might expect.

What make all the Lemmings games that I've tried worth buying is the enjoyment of finally solving a level and watching the Lemmings go free. Or sometimes nuking the lemmings so you can watch them all explode. Levels do not take long to play (whether win or lose). So you can start a Lemmings level whenever you need to change your mental track for a little.

Some final thoughts on Lemmings Revolution

The games based on the cute little green haired Lemmings have been around for well over a decade. They are all puzzle solving games, with the same basic ideas. If you happen across the other games, and loved this one, buy the others. Each game has many levels to solve and will be well worth the pittance you'll be asked to pay. Buy any of these games that you can lay your little paws on.