Lands of Lore

From Westwood Studio and Virgin

Brief Description

Role playing game. You must save the lands from the evil witch (or whatever it was.)


My preferred style of CRPG is multi-character turn-based combat games. Might and Magic, Wizardry and their ilk are games that I like. This is a real-time combat based game. There are things about the style of this game that are a real turn-off for me.

Some people must like this game. I've seen some positive articles about it, even a sequel Lands of Lore 2. I am not one of them.


There was more to this review. Someone has convinced me that you have to get a bit deeper into the game before you should decide on it. Sometime or other, I will try again. The recommendation is that the game will get much *much* better once you have succeeded in talking to the Dracacle. Since it took me some time to get to the Dracacle, and then I did not have the item necessary to talk to him, I was not impressed by the start of this game.