The LucasArts Archive Vol III

Brief Description

Once again, LucasArts provides gamers with an inexpensive way to play their slightly older games. In the one package, you will find: the adventure games The Dig, a cd with Monkey Island 1 and Monkey Island 2, Full Throttle; a world simulation game Afterlife; a single person action game Dark Forces, and a sampler CD.

Since I had previously owned and reviewed The Dig and Monkey Island 1 before buying this package, as I review any more games from this set, they will get separate reviews.


This package is worthwhile buying if you don't own two or more of the games. I bought it to for Monkey 2, and Afterlife in particular. Full Throttle may be a bonus, if I like the game once I try it.

The Monkey Island games are highly recommended for their humour. Afterlife is fun and quite addicting. The Dig I wasn't as thrilled by, though it did have some lovely animation sequences.

If you want to find older LucasArts games, go to their site and check out the store. They have released a number of older games in various collections. They are one of the few companies who recognise that some people want to play good games, not just bleeding edge games.