Luxor 3

Brief Description of Luxor 3

luxor3shop_th Upgrade shop

Luxor 3 is an updated version of the popular action puzzle game. The general idea is that a small scarab is pushing a string of little spheres. You destroy the spheres by shooting matching ones into the moving set of spheres. It's a very straight forward game that requires timing, strategy and skill to succeed.

The new features of Luxor 3 are new types of playing fields and a shop. Much of the game is still based on the classic mode of play. They've added a new type of play Puzzle, which happens during the adventure mode and is available from the main menu. There are new level types that occur during adventure mode that can also be played from the Free Play area.

Game play and hints

luxor3puzzle_th Puzzle mode

So what's new with Luxor 3? The screens are new, the graphics have been improved, and new features added to the game.

The basic idea of the game has remained the same. Match three or more spheres to destroy them. Treasure drops from the groups when you destroy all speres in the group. Coins drop sometimes from the groups, but there are also beetles that appear on the game screen. Destroy a beetle to have 3 coins appear.

luxor3shop_th Crossing the Nile level

Modes of Play: Adventure, Free Play and Puzzle

Adventure is the base game. During adventure, you'll have to go through the various levels, each one representing the construction of a pyramid (no more map in the background). You'll have the full variety of level types; classic, onslaught, endless (this one is based on a timer, not on how many groups you destroy), crossing the nile and puzzle. Plus if you can hit all four of the collector jars (they are the first extra thing to appear on the screen), you'll unlock treasure hunter mode.

Free Play allows you to first select a type of layout: Classic, Endless, Crossing the Nile or Onslaught. Once you select the type of layout, you can progress through these as you do the regular game. It does give you the

Puzzle allows you to concentrate on just the puzzles. There's no timer. But several of the puzzle level require precision shooting, and others require planning or maybe just swapping which ball to shoot for the entire game.

Endless level

This one is based on time, not on numbers of chains. You have to keep the spheres from entering the pyramids for several minutes.

Onslaught level

luxor3shop_thOnslaught level

During one of these levels, the little blockers randomly appear. You can destroy them at will, but new ones replace the ones that disappear. The blockers cause the spheres to change course, usually making them arrive at the pyramid much faster. Strategies to think of is which blockers to destroy vs when to concentrate on the chain of spheres.

Crossing the Nile level

No time limit, no numbers of chains to destroy. The chain at the very top of the screen is the only one you must destroy but the chains crossing the river will be in your way. So you have to destroy them to get a shot at the one at the top. There is a time bonus for how quickly you can complete the level.

Puzzle level

No time limits. No timing of when to shoot. You have to remove all the spheres from the level to proceed but there is no limit on how long it takes. The layout won't change, and you will have the same set of spheres to shoot each time. It's also the only level that you can retry or just give up and move on to the next level. I have failed to solve one of the puzzles, I just couldn't work out how to get the groups to collide together to solve the final step.

Gripes about Luxor 3

Way too addictive.

First version that doesn't save your progress mid-level. If you need to quit, you lose your progress. On the other hand, you don't have any lives to worry about either.

Conclusion for Luxor 3

luxor3shop_th Timed level

If you own Luxor, you may wonder if you need to buy this version. The answer is, if you regularly play Luxor, you should. With more levels of difficulty and more modes of play, this game has more variety then the original. Especially nice is being able to practice one of the maps that gives you trouble.

If you haven't played Luxor yet, you might want to download the trial version. It's light entertainment and easy to learn. You can stop playing at any point and your progress is saved.

Final game rating 4 1/2 stars.

Some final thoughts on the game.

I have tried other versions of the match 3 in a moving set games. None of them has worked as well for me as Luxor. Your mileage may vary.