Monty Python's The Meaning of Life

From Panasonic Interactive Media

Brief Description

Another CDROM game based on the works of Monty Python. The game is split into three Acts. The first act is based very much on the movie of the same name. The next two acts move into different realms and feature more clips and dialogue from the original tv series.

Game play and hints

The first section of the game consists of first working your way through the movie dialogue. When all the characters on the screen have nothing new to say, look for hotspots. Eventually, you'll find items, the first few will need to be used in other scenes.

Acts 2 and 3, there is much less of "click to complete the dialogue" but a lot of "find every hot spot" to locate items or find characters. These sections are more interesting, they are no longer based strictly on the movie. They use a few new clips (far too few) and material from The Flying Circus.

You'll find that you can't complete Death in Act 1 until you've finished the other sections. You should complete both Material and Spiritual before you try Dental in Act 2.

Gripes about the game

It's known to be buggy, and it's best to read the walkthrough at the Spoiler Center which goes through all the known problems as well as ways to cheat the game.

A couple of sequences are very difficult and frustrating. Trying to remove a liver from a live organ donor and surviving the Room of Doom are two examples. There are times when there are no or insufficient hints for what you need to do.


While I would wish I could recommend this game, it is in sections too boring or too frustrating to be good game. Once you get past Act 1, the game itself gets better, but there are still many times when the actions required are too obscure. There is a bit of new dialogue and action that was not in either the movie or the original Python series. But only the die-hard fan will have the patience to find those sequences.