Brief Description of Nightlong

The game starts with your character Joshua Reev going to a meeting with an old pal. It seems terrorists are trying to wreck the huge corporation Genesis. You owe this man a favour, and this is the favour he wants. One agent has already been sent in, and has not reported back.

Once you find the rebels, they start telling you a different story. Who do you believe, who can you trust? You need to find your own answers to what has been happening and why.

Game play and hints

Inventory based adventure game. Left-click an item to look at it. Right-click to pick it up or manipulate it. There are a lot of times where you will need to look first, and when Joshua has seen the item, do a right click. Try to look at everything. Not all of it is important, but you never know when something might be.

Some items are very small, so look around the screen carefully. Items that Joshua can interact with will get little descriptions on screen. Other times, you will need to backtrack because a new item allows you to progress further on a previous screen. Such as once you have thoroughly explored an apartment, you might want to take another look at the roof.

Items in the inventory can be treated as those on the screen. Left click for the description, right click to use. Using can include combining that with another inventory item or using it onscreen.

The action is semi-linear. There are some times where there is one and only one thing to do before you can move on. Frequently there will be several things you can work on at a time.

Gripes about Nightlong

Well, basically it is a decent game, but not original or exciting. The voice actor for Joshua could have been better. You must listen to him a lot, and I didn't find him very convincing.

When you've run out of options, try combining random things in your inventory. Sometimes the combinations needed to solve a puzzle are not very obvious. Or try returning to old locations with new items in your inventory.


Nightlong from Dreamcatcher If you are looking for a game to buy for someone who hasn't played a lot of adventure games, this might be one option. Usually the items that you need to solve a puzzle aren't too far away from where you are. There was only one place where you might have to restore a previous game, usually you have to find or complete everything before the game moves into the next segment.

However, for the experienced adventure game player, this one is definitely ho-hum. There isn't much that sets the game apart from others.

Some final thoughts on the game.

Dreamcatcher is the possible currently the largest distributor of adventure games going.