Pandora's Box

Brief Description

Mischievious spirits were once released from Pandora's Box. Solve the puzzles in one city and find the missing pieces. Then you must solve the puzzle for the spirit to trap it once again within the box.

Puzzles can be solved separately as well as being part of the Pandora's Box solution. This makes it easy to go back to your favourite puzzles and try to solve them faster. Or to go back to puzzles that you didn't need to solve during the quest part of the game.

The graphics of the game are lovely, the puzzles can be much fun to solve. Fortunately, if you decide that you dislike one type of puzzle, you will be able to avoid playing them or use free game tokens to bypass them.

Game play and hints

The game features a number of puzzle types. On the first encounter with a new puzzle type, you can use an interactive tutorial to learn how to play. The main screen also gives you access to these tutorials in case you set the game aside for a while. Any time you wish, you can save your progress.

Sometimes you get free hints or solve a puzzle tokens as rewards. They might be just under a piece that you have solved. Or they might be a reward for completing a puzzle within a set time limit.

Save those hints and free games for later. You will probably start needing them on the 5 of the spirits, don't use them up too early. You won't be earning as many of them in the later levels.

Since you can play most of the puzzles individually, you might want to practice on some. The first time you try a 'Slices' you might have trouble working out what the result is going to be. It should go faster once you have solved the puzzle once. (The puzzles are never exactly the same twice, but they will be similar.)

Gripes about the game

Can anyone play image hole without getting horribly dizzy?

A few of the puzzles need very precise timing and mouse control to solve. It's frustrating to try using your average mouse. But they can be done.


I found the game to be quite enjoyable. No violence, no gore, just solving puzzles. A little like 7th Guest or Jewels of the Oracle in that respect. The story telling was cute, but fairly unnecessary.

From Microsoft

Some final thoughts on the game.

Somewhat additive the first time you start playing. Just trying to work out what the result is going to be for a few of the puzzles is interesting.