Peter's Jigsaws

Brief Description of Peter's Jigsaws

Puzzle screen The main screen
with a new puzzle

There are many jigsaw puzzles one can get for computers these days, what makes Peter's puzzles different?

Game play and hints

 Menu for the game

The major thing you need to play this game is to learn (or print out) the commands for the game. The commands are found at any time buy pressing 'h' for help. All of the commands are one simple key press. So I start puzzles by using:

  1. D - Don't see the picture preview
  2. Z - Zap - hide all the pieces
  3. E - Edge - this will make the edge pieces visible again

If you like your puzzles to be easier, you can use U to unrotate the pieces. Then use P to turn on the preview image. I tend to leave the pieces rotated to make it a bit more challenging.

Moving the pieces is a single click to pick one up, right click if you need to rotate it, then click again when you have it in place. Matching pieces will snap together.

There are five sorting boxes. Each box can hold any number of pieces. When you return to the main puzzle screen, typing the box number (1 to 5) will either hide or show the pieces currently in that box. So I tend to Z(ap), E(dge), 1, to work on a subset of pieces.

Gripes about Peter's Jigsaws

More of a nitpick than a real gripe. I'd like the final image to have the little puzzle piece lines removed so it's easier to admire.

Conclusion for Peter's Jigsaws

 Sorting boxes an optional feature

If you like jigsaw puzzles, you owe it to yourself to try these. Better, there is an first two free offer available from Peter, so you can really get a proper taste of how you feel about these puzzles. You can also send a subscription to someone else, which I've done for my mum, who does love the puzzles.

Some final thoughts on the game.

The jigsaw subscriptions have been available for over a year and there are many addicts to these puzzles. Prevent your local addict from roaming the streets to get a fix. Subscribe today.