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Ball launcher with rockets

A long time ago (relatively speaking), in the dawn of computer games, there was Break Out. A simple game with a paddle on the bottom of the board, a brick wall to break through and one ball with which to break the bricks.

Ricochet Lost Worlds is an update of this basic classic. Modern graphics, modern music and some very fancy layouts and movement patterns are the key features of the game. The game has a large number of levels available when you download it (almost 360 levels), plus there are user created puzzle sets for even more play time. Not satisfied yet? It also has an edit feature which allows you to create your own levels.

Game play and hints

One layout from the game

The basics of the game are very simple. Keep hitting things with the ball until you've removed all the breakable items from the top. Of course, that's when things are done simply, which is pretty rare in these levels. Many layouts feature movement in some way, others have a variety of difficult to reach areas, or things you must remove before you can finish the level. When a level loads, watch it for a few moments because observing movement patterns can help you get off to a good start.

When beginning the game, you can set the difficulty level to easy, normal, hard or insane for each registered player. The levels relate to the speed of play; easy and normal are quite difficult enough for me. You can edit a user and choose one of several different launchers if you get tired of the default one.

There are a large number of things that fall from the layout. Some have positive effects, like changing your ball to an acid ball, or making the launcher able to catch balls. Negative effects include shrinking the ball, shrinking the launcher and bombs which destroy the launcher on impact. Every item that you catch earns you bonus points, but some of the effects aren't worth the points.

Each level has 5 gold rings. If you can get all 5 before you finish the level, you get a bonus 5 rings for that level. For every 35 rings you get, you get one more life for the game. Other bonuses include 500 points for every ball you have in play when you remove the last brick. A ball with a powerup, such as an acid ball, is worth 1000 points. You also get bonus points for a few other things like if you have a safety bar in place or finish the level with no launcher.

The level editor can be invoked with the 'F6' key. Instructions on using the editor are available on the web site. It does suggest that for your first levels, try editing a level that exists that does something similar to what you want.

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Conclusion for Ricochet Lost Worlds Recharge

rlw_tree_th Another game layout

If Breakout games interest you, then you should definitely download Ricochet Lost Worlds. It has a marvelous set of levels, and should provide hours of entertainment. That's without downloading any extra levels. Extra levels are easy to download and rated by fans so you can easily add more to this game. Rated 4.5 of 5 stars.

Some final thoughts on the game.

The same company has produced two prior versions of this game 'Ricochet Lost Worlds' and 'Ricochet Xtreme'. Unfortunately for them, this one is so good that I don't feel the need for any more of them.

Researching material for this review brought up the game Arkanoid. An advanced version of Breakout but not nearly so advanced as this.