Choosing a designer for your web site

Here are just a few quick tests that you can perform. The assumption is that you want someone to build a site for the world to find. It should have a good basic design, easy to use navigation and be found via a search engine. These rules can be ignored for internal sites that only employees will use.

Examine client sites

The first test is a basic look at some sites the designer has already produced.

Search for sites

If you are serious about having a web site, it should be found using search engines. There are a large number of web designers who do not take search engine listings into account. So here are a few basic tests for search engines.


Sites built to standards are more likely to work for any web browser. They are more likely to be easy to update.


There are hundreds of thousands of web designers to choose from. You don't have to use someone in your own town, though that can make consultations easier. You do want to find someone who builds sites that work. Going through these basic tests may help you determine if this web designer is one that you can trust to work on your site.

If the designer has a personal site, it is exempt from this test. Personal sites might not be maintained particularly well, or they might be test areas for new ideas or they might just be a place to play. If you like the personal site, that's great. But look to the client or the business web page for testing.

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