Lightbringer (original name Cydonia)

Brief Description of Lightbringer

You were part of a mission to Mars, but your mission has run into some serious problems. Now it looks doubtful that you and the other crew members will even get off the planet again. You were caught be some sort of a force field, it has damaged your ship. The first couple of tasks are easy enough, but how can you get off the planet again.

Neither the graphics nor the puzzles of this game are remarkable. I have found the game to be a bit like Beyond Time, workable but not exciting or different. The main problem that I found with the game were the puzzles were arbitrary and hard to figure out the point. Also a number of them required items from inventory, which took more effort to access then I'd like.

Game play and hints

Get to know your controls. The right-button click brings up all the major functions of the game. When you do that, move the cursor to the bottom of the screen to access your inventory. The spacesuit does have some very interesting controls built-in.

You'll need to visit game locations in a certain order. On a hill, there is this opening. That is the first location you need to work on. The second is a covering (you need to break it open) on a hill. The third is a pyramid. You do have to travel back and forth between them.

Warning a few hints that may spoil the game for some players.

When playing with planets, remember there are nine of them. Teeth in a disc can move. Rainbows are very pretty. Grass can hide many things.

Gripes about Lightbringer

Be warned, there is a major bug on the CDROMs. Before you start playing this game, download the patch from the Dreamcatcher web site. The bug will prevent your progress though the game. You will only get the benefits from the patch from a new game.

If your cursor is not in the center of the screen, you start slowly spinning in place. This can be most annoying. While the spin is slow if you are close to the center, it is still there. So if you leave the game for a few minutes, you can be seriously disoriented on return. The character may be facing an entirely different direction than you intended.

Game play is relatively linear. There are a number of things that must be done in order for them to work. Conversations are linear as well. I tapped into the computer before talking to the captain and still had questions related to the computer.


Lightbringer from Dreamcatcher The game is relatively inexpensive, but it isn't one that anyone would rave over. I found the puzzles to be too annoying, like needing to do one 9 times over, once for each planet. It did have some interesting ideas, the dictionary in your space suit was one. But all in all, not a game I'd recommend.

Some final thoughts on the game.

Don't know who equipped this expedition but I don't want them planning mine. What good is a craft that can only go three directions on an open plain and why doesn't it have a homing beacon?