Brief Description

Looking for something quick to play, but a bit different? Try Snood, a shareware game, originally released on the Macintosh but now available for PCs. This is a highly addictive game, once you start, you may not stop for hours. Fortunately, it has a One more game feature, which may be the only way to stop once you get started. At first sight, people look at Snood and think Tetris. It doesn't actually play anything like Tetris though.

Medium difficulty puzzle Aim for groups of Snoods above you.

The game starts with Snoods trapped above you, you must fire another Snood into the group. If the one you send upwards touches two or more Snoods of the same type in the group, all of those Snoods will teleport out of the trap. If you can't match the Snood to two others of its kind, it will be stuck above as well. The object of the game is to get all the Snoods out of the trap before the wall coming downward kills the Snoods.

Points in the game are based on the number of Snoods that you have released and the number of Snoods that you used (in your Snood-a-matic Cannon) to free them. The fewer Snoods you use out of the Cannon, the bigger your ending bonus will be once you have released all the Snoods from above.

Puzzle mode Puzzle games require you to look for patterns to match.

The most important thing to watch for when playing this game is not merely matching the shapes, but looking for a match that will release others as well. There is no time limit to taking each shot, you can spend as long as you like fiddling with the aim before you shot the Snood. Also keep an eye on your danger bar. This shows you how close the wall is to falling another level. If you release additional Snoods, this will keep the wall from falling for a bit. This allows you extra plays at the same level.

At the time of this review, the levels include Child's play, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Evil. Starting with hard games, some of the Snoods that you will see are mere skulls. These will not have any matches, you need to release them by removing the supporting Snoods. There is also Journey where you play one game of each type and Puzzle where there are tricks to getting through each level. Levels determine how many Snoods are on the screen, how many shots you get before the wall falls down and how big the bonuses are for finishing a game.


This game is about strategies, pattern matching and planning. Unlike games like Tetris, there is never a time limit to a turn. You can compete against friend in Tournament mode, but it would be a comparison of scores, and not who can kill whom. Snood is additive and a lot of fun.

It is well worth downloading a copy of this from the net. Start with the Snood site. With a registration fee of $15, I think it is within everyone's budget.

Also available is Snood Towers with many similar features to Snood but a 'Collapse' style game.

I've seen the Mac version of this game. My only comment is that the Mac version has better colours, because the Mac screens display colours lighter than the PC. This can make the game on the PC a bit more difficult.