Snood Towers

Brief Description

Medium level tower to solve Screen shot of a medium level game at the start.

If you have enjoyed the original Snood and have tried Collapse or one of that type, you should also try Snood Towers. Snood Towers features those same little graphics that you know and love in Snood plus more game features than usually found in online games.

Basics of game play are simple. You must match three of more of the same type of snood. The matching snoods must be adjacent to each other, if only corners touch, it won't work. When you click on a group, that group will vanish and everything left behind will move down (if there were any above) and toward the centre (if a centre column is removed). All snoods must be removed to win the round.

Just to make things interesting, there are a number of options for Snood Towers. Like Snood there are Child, Easy, Medium, Hard and Evil levels of play. Each level of play can require one, three or five rounds of playing to complete. Plus there is Journey (starts with Child and progresses through levels until you lose.) And there is the puzzle mode, where there is a preset pattern that you need to solve. If you own the full version, you will be able to create and save your own puzzles.

Puzzle mode Puzzle games require you to look for patterns to match.

This game has an Undo function and a Rotate function. Undo does the obvious, rotate swaps columns around (but does not rotate the little guys in the column.) There is a set number of Undo and Rotates allowed for a game, and there are icons on the left side that show you the number of each remaining.

Snood Towers has two types of bonuses. The first bonus is a time bonus. Each move is timed, and you get a bigger bonus the fewer seconds it takes for you to move. The second bonus is perfection. Perfection is solving a round without using either Undo or Rotate.


While there are already games of this type available for download, Snood Towers does have an advantage in variety of game play. You can select a difficulty level and number of rounds to play. Plus the puzzle games and building your own puzzles adds a great deal to the game. Download the trial version and see if it suits any puzzle solvers in your family.

Four stars of five.