The drivel award

What is Drivel?

We are not entirely sure but we know it when we read it!

Seriously, the web is filled with drivel. Much of this drivel is dull, lifeless, stodgy writing. The Drivel Group would like to lift the standard of drivel throughout the World Wide Web. As a method of encouraging good drivel, we have instituted the Drivel Award of Excellence.

Our standards for drivel are amusing, light-hearted, fun writing. We like cute things, something to cheer you up when you've had one of those days. You are allowed to have content, but it shouldn't stand in the way of having fun. The Drivel Group approves of: Calvin and Hobbes, Far Side, Bloom County, Looney Toons, Dilbert, Chas Addams, Muppets, Monty Python, Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Twin Peaks, Terry Pratchett, Isaac Asimov, and Douglas Adams.

In the effort to meet this standard, our members scour 1 the web constantly 2 to find pages that meet our exacting standards of what drivel can be. We will award those pages that meet approval with the much coveted 3 Drivel Award.

We won the Drivel Award!This award will be given out no more frequently then once a week. Due to our committee having real lives and spending time at work, home with family etc. we can make no guarantees about the frequency of the award. We do guarantee the quality of our winners and that each winner will be featured here for no less than one week. Any winner may feature our wonderful award graphic or pretend it never happened.

Drivel Site of the week/month/whatever

Prepare to be liked.

Previous Drivel Sites

In Memoriam

Previous Drivel winners that have since removed their sites or removed the sections of their site which won the drivel award.

Meta Drivel

In the tireless search for drivel, various members of the group have found web sites which consistantly supply new sites worthy of consideration. These are the meta drivel sites, those which you should go to for regular drivel updates.

The sites

Userfriendly link of the day

Bifurcated Rivets

Useless pages at dmoz

Who is the drivel group?

If we told you, you'd have to become a member. So only request this information if you're ready for the big leap to serious drivel. Use the following form to submit a site for consideration for this award or select the button to join Drivel

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Any other comments?

1 Since web pages are really only characters on the screen, they have no need of scouring or indeed any other sort of cleaning.

2 Actually, there aren't that many of us, so there may be times at which no one is searching the web for good drivel. Sorry about that.

3 Well, we think that it should be coveted.

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