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A multi-level online web based game. Includes a wide number of participants from all over the world. Game play starts slow but can develop great complexity.

DMOZ game play and hints

Level 1: Tourist

The simplist level and one many people will never advance beyond. The tourist enters the game looking for information. They might find that information in one of two ways. The first is that they may try to track down the information using a catalogue structure. The second is to search for a few keywords and use the results to find the correct categories.

Level 2: Beginner

These tentative souls start attempting to add new information to the game by using the "Add URL" link.

Level 3: Intermediate

This is a major phase of the game. To begin this phase, you have to request to be an editor and provide information about why you should be one. If you are successful in the request, you will be given a category, bookmarks and a rulebook.

You do not have to move beyond this phase. You are expected to follow the rules, add new information to the cat, and keep it up-to-date.

To advance beyond this stage, you'll have to demonstrate that you know and follow the rulebook fairly well. There are minor steps upward (or sideways) that allow you to gain new categories of a similar size to the one you have. Major steps upward require that you to add and edit a fair amount of information within the game database. If you try to take too big a step, you'll find a meta there to block the path. It is not personal, they just want proof that you are doing things the approved of way.

At this time, you may begin to use the 'fora' to communicate with other game players. Since some of them are well-established players, you want to treat them with great respect and a bit of caution. Most are friendly, but a few growl quite well and some will bite.

Level 4: Advanced

Once you've shown a good knowledge of the rules, and have put in a lot of hard work, you'll suddenly realise that you've moved into this stage. New areas to play with are easier to come by, though you may still find your path blocked by a meta if you try too big a jump.

During this phase, using the fora becomes important. Further advancement will require that you communicate well with your fellow gamers.

Level 5: God

Once you reach the level 3 in this game, you may find references to metas and staff. These are effectively the gods and goddesses of the game. They can set the rules, change the rules and make other players disappear in a small puff of smoke. This only happens to players who break the rules, so be forewarned!

These players have a deep understanding of all aspects of the game. They have spent many hours participating in the activity. When they explain any aspect of the game to you as an individual, you should pay strict attention. You cannot go wrong if you do so.

It is possible for you to advance to this level, but you will have to show at every level that you can handle it. You do not need to advance to this level to have a great time in the game.

Gripes about DMOZ

The rules for advancement in the game can be difficult to find. Getting around the fora at first is intimidating.

Conclusion for DMOZ

Time consuming, and highly addicting game. If you have the patience, you should try it. You may find that it is very difficult to advance from the Intermediate level to Advanced, but it is very gratifying when you do so.

Disclaimer: DMOZ is really the Open Directory Project. It is not in real life a game. But it is fun to participate in.

Review written 6/05/00 10:00:44.

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