The grovel builder

In this day and age, it is easy to forget how important grovelling is. Grovelling is the process of demeaning or debasing yourself while exualting your superiors. Obviously a good grovel is as necessary today as it was in the days of serfs.

A good grovel must be specially tailored for the intent and the recipient. So first a few questions.

Are you grovelling to a

Most Magnificient Male
Fatally Fantastic Female
I wouldn't dare presume

Who is

So excellent as to outshine the sun
So evil you tremble in their mere presence.
I cannot stand to be in their presence long enough to notice

Preferred form of address

Your Royal Highness
My Dark Master
The Great God
None of these are good enough

Are you their

Lower than any of these

And todays grovel is

Abject apology
Acknowledgement of their vast superiority
Pledge your utter devotion
All of the above

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